The Rachel Park 

Dance Center


​​​"Hi Rachel,

"Congratulations on another awesome recital!  Everyone in my family thought it seemed to have gone by so fast and I think it was just that it was so enjoyable, they wanted more.  But, I really want to say thank you for all you have done for my kids.  I know my daughter would not have had the confidence to do a solo or read an essay in front of an audience, if it wasn't for the support and encouragement you have given her.  It is obvious that you are more than a dance teacher in the lives of these girls that are growing up in your studio.  You are helping them find confidence in themselves and so much more.  I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you do.

Thank you so much.


"My daughter started at the Rachel Park Dance Center at age three and this is her third year dancing.  She absolutely can't wait to go to class every week and every time we drive by the center of Middleboro, she has to point out her dance school!!!  She and I have enjoyed the Dance Center very much, and all of the teachers and staff are wonderful."
~Deanna West

​"Rachel Park Dance Center was the only dance center for me. The staff and the students were (and still are) family to me. I learned so much during the fourteen years that I danced there. I still continue to dance on my free time. Rachel Park Dance Center is fantastic and I'm so grateful for everything they taught me about dance and and about conquering life situations. The studio will always hold a place in my heart. If anyone is looking for a studio to try out, I 10/10 recommend the Rachel Park Dance Center!"

"The recital was so beautiful and everyone did such a wonderful job!!!!  Savannah's recital meant so much to me and the selection of music is profound.  I cannot thank you all enough for all the hard work to put together such a wonderful production.  The girls were great, all of them worked so hard.  Savannah was so much fun to watch and I'll hold that memory forever.  

~Sandra Brangan

"I started dancing at the Rachel Park Dance Center when it first opened!  Had a lot of great times and memories with Rachel and the girls I danced with.  I highly recommend this studio to anyone who has a child looking to start dancing.  You will get the best of the best from the teachers and an amazing experience overall!  RPDC forever!!"

~Ericka Ouellette

"Hi, Sophia started last night and I just wanted to THANK YOU!  She was in Heaven, loved her class, the teacher and was just thrilled!  Congratulations to you for providing such a great studio for children!"


"My daughter and I were driving home from dance class recently, and I wanted to share our conversation with you.  I asked, "how was dance today?"  This is a question I ask a lot.  She usually says, "good, thanks."  Today she opened up a little.  She said, "it was just great Mom!  The best days of my week are my days at the dance center!  All I want to do is dance!"  Well, all I can say is THANK YOU!  You all make my daughter's week special!"